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September 29, 2009


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Many people on deviantart have one main complaint about the Artistic Nude Gallery... it's full of close up shots of genital and intimate regions! Most of these complaints are due to the fact that the viewer cannot fathom an artistic story or reason behind the image- which can pretty much be supported due to the fact that the image is so close up it's blurry and comes across gratuitous.

While I appreciate where most people are coming from I would like to elaborate on this idea from the perspective of an Artistic Nude Model and give you some idea into why DA allows work like this AND give you some kick-butt examples of AWESOME UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL ARTISTIC NUDES THAT AREN'T BLURRY OR ICKY!!! :clap: :D

First of all, as long as it doesn't break policy or isn't art theft it isnt anyone's job here to decide what is art and what isn't! You may not like or appreciate something, but that does not mean it isn't valid or any less artistic!

While it can be frustrating to see a close up blurry shot, consider that all artists start out at some point. The image you are looking at in many cases is a self portrait taken by the model who may not know a lot about photography. WE ALL START AT THE BOTTOM. And just as there are pieces in the other galleries that may seem less artistic to some because they are so unrefined of course you're going to get it in the nude gallery just as much!

Some people are taking the photo for themselves, not you. As a model I know, it's hard to do something nude that has your face attached to it. I always wanted to push the barriers of my work and for me artistic nude seemed like a great outlet. My first images sucked. Then I modeled for someone and learned from them. Now I think my self portraits are reasonable. But you'll see in a lot of my images my face is obscured! Some people really want to explore personal growth within nude and don't have the courage to have their identity attached and that's ok. A photograph of their most intimate regions can tell so much and yet so little.

And hey, if you're closing your mind off and thinking DA shouldn't allow these shots... you're going to paint everything with the same brush and miss out on some great images!

I fully expect people to write that they are frustrated in the comments with these types of nudes but I really implore you to view the following thumbnails and consider what I have presented you :)

Nudes like this can be powerful both for the viewer, photographer, and model. They can be thought provoking, beautiful, pushing the boundaries ( a good artists job!), and even funny!

Here are some close up nude shots I've gathered that I've enjoyed! I hope you do too!

octopus by neoromantika Nude 3 by opticverve :thumb66351787: :thumb91294006: Rounded Rear by cleanshvr :thumb115014272: :thumb112701068: Saluting the Flag by madscientistguy :thumb47748122: :thumb135102582: :thumb126307583: roodle by one-point-5 :thumb66144002: - g e n t l e - by MichalTokarczuk .turn up by nativa :thumb37250846: Sushi by NuclearSeasons Pieces of her v2 by Papou Mearle: Entice by LovittGirl :thumb100630137: :thumb57715230: :thumb69942480: Breast hill by thereallybigboss :thumb36836401: :thumb101205872: :thumb117970542: in-a-hand-008 by sweeteee :thumb47890951: more monkeys by scottchurch Up Close and Fragile II by SEnigmaticX :thumb92346653: Drops by ralf265 in-a-hand-010 by sweeteee :thumb126098620:

So the next time you see a blurry obscured genital shot- offer the artist some thoughtful critique instead of complaining! Enjoy the process!

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FreakieGeekie Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
People aren't protesting tasteful nudity such as what is presented here.
People are protesting the shots of spread labia with fingers or objects inserted and cock-shots that, for all intents and purposes, are pornographic.
photoscot Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2010
Excellent Raina!

I think many people are mired in the sex is dirty and sexual organs are by definition ugly and not a fit subject for an artist. They are of the mindset, and that any close up of genitals is objectionable. In some cases even an incidental glimpse is objectionable. I have even encountered this attitude from nude models, which always mystifies me. They won't allow the notion to cross their minds that any part of the human body is a fit subject of art.
I'm glad you do! It's refreshing.
eva-st-clare Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2010   Traditional Artist
It would be nice if more people posting in 'Artistic Nudes' would attempt to create art in this manner, rather than taking crappy snapshots for their own sexual jollies...
kelt Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2010  Professional Photographer
I am happy you wrote a counter to all the negative opinions.
FakeKraid Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
In light of the topic of this article, I think the phrase "WE ALL START AT THE BOTTOM" is hilarious. Does that make me immature?
raine-angel Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2010
Schadenfruede Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Don't get so offended. We're talking about shots like the ones featured in this article [link] and not ones that have actual artistic value to it.
raine-angel Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2010
who says Im offended? Im just saying, who gets to decide what's artistic and what's not? Who are you or anyone else to judge what went into something just because it doesn't meet a standard of quality? If you're going to say all shots like that are to be eliminated on the grounds they're poor quality then all crappy sketches shouldnt be allowed etc. If you design a rule to get rid of what you aren't liking it's going to affect thousands of others just so you dont have to be offended by a low quality crotch image.
PowFlip Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2010
"If you design a rule to get rid of what you aren't liking it's going to affect thousands of others just so you dont have to be offended by a low quality crotch image."

Which goes both ways - by allowing low quality crotch shots, thousands of others are also being offended. It's not about one person being upset, it's about the community being upset.
raine-angel Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2010
I do not think you are the only person upset. Please dont misunderstand and think I log on every day and think yaaaay more horrid crotch shots! Perhaps if I give a parallel you will understand my position (by the way I am not trying to change your mind or convince you, simply using your statements as a way to express another idea. You do not have to conform to them)

I defend free speech. I fight for it. However, in upholding free speech I can't control that there are those who will use it in horrible ways that completley deviate from it's intention. Nor can I be held responsible for those who are learning about free speech and perhaps use it inappropriately to begin with but with more experience refine themselves. We get very upset when we see people misuse free speech to spread hate, ignorance, prejudice, and racism. We get annoyed with a teenager who is testing boundaries and throws out a horrible statement but we don't hold it against them 10 years down the road when they have lived more. We take the bad with the good, even when the whole world is upset, because we want the right of free speech.

Consider that applied to these low quality crotch images. We give a person the power to decide which ones are art and which ones are not. Is that person even capable of doing that fairly and unbiasedly? Surely they will make mistakes in one person's eyes while another views it as a great decision? I fight for the ability to continue submitting whatever falls under policy on DA. For me my work yes is refined. I want others to be able to learn to refine. Because I fight for that it is necessary to allow lower quality. Otherwise there is no principal at all. Just like free speech: it would not be freespeech if we dictate what others say.
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